Friday, August 16, 2013

Dovetail semi-frequently

The lure of hand work is seated deeply in my cheek and my most recent woodworking crush is on learning how to cut dovetails. But before I get to that, a little about how I got sucked in.

It all started with buying a #5 bench plane off ebay. Then I learned how to tune it up by watching +Christopher Schwarz's video on how to do so. For Christmas I received a basic set of chisels and a Lie Nielsen low angle block plane. Rob Cosman and Chris Becksvoort showed me how to cut dovetails. +Shannon Rogers showed me how to fix them. For my birthday, a Veritas dovetail saw. I am reading Garret Hack's The Handplane Book and Jim Tolpin's The New Traditional Woodworker. I pre-ordered +Marc Spagnuolo's Hybrid Woodworking. I have a hundred year old #4 and #7 waiting for some love. What's next, bluegrass playing in the shop? Oh wait, I already love bluegrass.