Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I have a confession to make...

I really like Arts and Crafts style furniture (that's not the confession). It appeals to me in a way that I like most things in my life to be - simple and clean. It appeals to me even more since life with young boys is rarely ever simple or clean. We have a Morris style chair that might possibly be the most comfortable chair in our house (err... most comfortable chair in storage). My wife and I ooh and aah over mission style dining room furniture.

This blog post, and my confession, is the result of watching the Fine Woodworking video series on making an Arts and Crafts Glass Front Cabinet which has proved to be the tipping point of my pent up guilt. The design of FWW piece is beautiful and I am looking forward to someday building something with glass in its cabinet door, but I'm torn on the material used throughout much of the style.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Greetings from Siberia

Cramming my wife and two kids in with my mom hasn't been as bad as I anticipated and there's light at the end of this tunnel. It has already been one month since we invaded her home (aka the Siberia of woodworking) and it will be another month before we make it to our final destination. One of my favorite features of the new house is the clean, dry and unfinished basement and future home of my car-less workshop.

Since I'm not actively woodworking I've had time to plan out the new shop. I took pictures of the basement with the current owner's stuff in it with the intent of putting them in this post, but it was recommended against doing so. Damn wife and her probably-a-good-idea. This layout from Grizzly's tool will have to suffice.